Area Scan Portal - Automatic Operation
to get contours quickly and accurately, fully automatically.
Use the Area Scan Portal
for true-to-scale and true-to-form contours!
Detect outlines
faster and easier than ever before!
Design and Export
the contours in DXF and SVG formats for further processing!
Turn your idea into reality
create customised packaging and foam inlays!
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Industry-leading Contour Extraction

ContourTrace allows quick and easy conversion of raster images such as BMP and JPEG to vector images such as DXF and SVG format. The focus of the application lies on extracting object contours. The resulting data can be used for measurement, inspection, design and manufacturing. Cameras can be calibrated to remove lens errors such as distortion from the captured images. A unit to pixel ratio can be stored to directly obtain true to scale contours.

Raster graphics import

Import different formats of raster graphics such as JPEG, BMP, PNG. The raster graphics can be masked and manipulated with numerous image filters to achieve optimal results.

Contour Extraction

Apply numerous contour extraction functions and algorithms to quickly extract accurate contours.

Contour Manipulation

The generated contours can be manipulated as desired, converted into polygons or splines, colored or transformed.

Vector graphics export

The result can be exported as vector graphics in DXF and SVG formats. The DXF export uses DXF color values and the contours can be output true to scale. In SVG export, line width and color values are preserved.

Check out the ContourTrace software used in shadowboard design

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We are allowed to support customers from numerous industries. Whether packaging industry, the tool and machine building industry, the construction industry or the tool supplier, our software supports, certainly also you!

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