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We build a state of the art Vectorizer

and combine raster and vector graphics processing in the most effective way

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Daniel Kuhn

Chief Executive Officer
Daniel oversees the company's business operations, including software development, engineering, sales, marketing, business development and communications.

Shenal Meghawarna

Software Developer
Shenal is responsible for the software architecture as well as the development of ContourTrace's core functions and further extensions

Keerthanan Rajalingam

Mechanical Engineer
Keerthanan tests the software and is responsible for the quality and reliability of ContourTrace.

Paul Kuhn

Process Engineer
Paul tests the software and is responsible for the quality and reliability of ContourTrace.

About the Company

After 14 years of experience and continuous training in the field of design and development as well as software development, Daniel Kuhn founded the company KUHN ENGINEERING in Constance on Lake Constance in 2017. Despite the short existence of the company, the experience and high quality awareness of the founder convinced many well-known customers in southern Germany as well as Switzerland. Already today the company stands on stable legs, without external financing, and is pleased about steady growth. With ContourTrace, the first own product of the rather service-oriented company saw the light of day in 2019. Since then, it has been cared for and lovingly nurtured to become what it is today - a high-quality software that simplifies and automates graphic processes and thus saves our customers time on a grand scale.

Our Vision

As a technology service provider, the company's vision is to strengthen medium-sized businesses with engineering know-how, to advance digitization and to actively provide its own resources for support, both temporarily and in the long term. The essential core competence of the company lies in the programming, optimization and parameterization of digital processes. Enormous increases in efficiency are achieved by implementing cross-departmental solutions. Besides operating ContourTrace, we are your address for innovative and forward-looking solutions. As a strong and reliable partner, we offer competent support for your engineering and IT projects. If you have exciting projects and problems in this area apart from ContourTrace, please have a look at our website and contact us!

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