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The easiest way to extract, adjust and export contours from images.
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Input Operations

Input Operators handle the import of raster graphics in ContourTrace and provide an interface for individual interaction with the ContourTrace application.

Raster Operators

Raster Operators handle the modification of the input image (Raster graphic) and provide multiple functionalities to improve or adapt the following vector transformation process.

Transform Operators

Transform Operators detect contours in the input image and, therefore, the interface between raster graphics and vector graphics. Operators within this section are responsible for the successful transformation process.

Vector Operators

Vector Operators handle the modification of the transformed vector input image (Vector graphic) and provide multiple functionalities to improve or adapt the representation to individual requirements.

Drawing Area

Here you can shape and manipulate the contours as you please

Polygons & Splines

The contours can be displayed as polygons or splines. Also the conversion of a polygon into a spline and vice versa is possible with only one click.


The contours can be manipulated with numerous functions. For example, points can be moved, removed or added.


Contours can be duplicated and thus used multiple times. This way, the same contour does not have to be extracted again.


Create external and internal offset contours. Especially for manufacturing, this function can provide the perfect fit.


Scale, rotate and mirror your contours as you like. This way you can give free rein to your creativity.


Change the appearance of the contours. For example, the color of the contour can be used directly as a setting for the cutting parameters during laser engraving.

Output Operators

Output Operators handle the export or saving process of graphics from ContourTrace and support multiple graphic formats.

Additional Modules

Modules define additional functionalities, which are not a natural part of the workflow itself, including Operators. They provide other settings to increase the accuracy of the graphics processing or prevent disruptors from occurring.

Camera Calibration

In order to obtain the most exact contours possible from your own image recordings, the digital camera used can be calibrated. This can significantly reduce the tangential and radial distortion of the image. Thus, contours true to production can be obtained with ContourTrace.

Image Stitching with an Overview Image

Image stitching with an Overview Image can be used to correct or greatly reduce perspective distortions in an image. This minimizes errors in the contour shape that can be attributed to perspective distortion.

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Use Cases and Screenshots

Some of the many applications for ContourTrace. Even difficult industrial tasks are mastered perfectly.

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