Area Scan Portal – Automatic Operation

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Quality, precision and shape accuracy of the captured contours depend on the hardware used.

The Area Scan Portal CT-2DA-600X420 offers the optimal solution here.

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Live Camera and Result View

See what the camera sees and move the camera only over the parts of the objects you want to capture. The result is immediately available as the images are stitched live in the ContourTrace software.

Automatic Camera Movement

Stepper motors drive the camera along both the x and y axes, eliminating the need for manual guidance by the operator. Leveraging the position markers, the software precisely controls the position of camera and computes the orthogonal image in real-time.

Workspace 600x420 mm

Capture the contours of objects up to 600x420 mm or place multiple objects on the surface to capture all contours in one shot. The overall dimensions of the area scan portal are LxWxH 900x640x900 mm.

Industrial Camera

The camera we chose has high-resolution capabilities and captures images with exceptional sharpness and precision. With our system, the accuracy of contour extraction reaches an impressive level of +/- 0.1 mm.

Perspective Lens

The selected high-resolution lens has exceptional sharpness and precision, enabling the reliable scanning of objects with complex shapes and heights up to 400 mm while delivering precise contours.

Camera height adjustable

The image resolution as well as the depth of field essentially depend on the camera distance. Therefore, it is possible to adjust the camera height. In the first step, this is done via the adapter to which the camera is attached. If this is not sufficient, the height of the support surface for the objects can also be varied.

Optimal Camera Alignment

The camera axis must be exactly orthogonal to the image surface to be captured. Otherwise, the precision and shape accuracy of the captured contours suffers. To ensure that this can be set precisely, there is a leveling device that makes this possible.

Light shield

To ensure consistent quality, the system is protected from external light sources by a cover. Therefore, image captures are possible at any time under constant conditions.

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