Installing and getting started with ContourTrace is simple. You can get a 7-day Trial License within minutes with just a few clicks.

You can find the written installation guide below or watch a step-by-step installation guide video instead.


Information provided from the video below is not accurate for the latest version of ‘ContourTrace’ and will be updated with further details in the coming days. please be patient and enjoy our application.


Visit the downloads page on your computer and download the latest installer. ContourTrace is currently available for Windows 10 and Windows 11. To learn more about the minimum system requirements, read from the documentation on System Requirements.


Locate the ContourTrace-Installer-2.7.0.exe file on your system and double click it to begin the installation. Follow the Setup Wizard to finish installing the app.

Signing up and Acquiring Trial License

Getting the Trial License just takes a couple of minutes. Just follow these steps given below and get started.

Signing up

  • Once installed, open the app. You’ll see a Login or Sign up page in the Account Management window.


Make sure that you have read the License Agreement and Privacy Policy details provided, click on the checkbox to enable the actions such as Login and Sign up.

  • Enter an ‘Email’ and ‘Password’ in the appropriate fields, then click the sign up button to register (create a new account).
  • If an account is already create, click on the Login button to get to the next Step.


Make sure you have verified your account by opening your email account and verifying the email provided by CountourTrace.

  • After the validation process is complete the next page will be opened, activating existing licenses or create a new license can be performed here.

Acquiring Trial License

Get your Trial License:

  • Click on the button which says Activate your FREE Trial License for 7 days as shown in the image below.
  • A new trial license will now appear on “Your license” table


A Trail license can only be create once for a PC, Make sure that a trial license was not create previous by you or any other user, If you need any clarification of it or unable to create a trial license please contact us on our Support/FAQ Page.

Request A License

ContourTrace is offered in StandardProfessional, and Premium versions as a subscription. Please checkout pricing and features on our Pricing Page.

To purchase a license, visit our License Request Page and select a subscription type. Fill out the form and click Submit. Once submitted, we’ll shortly get in touch with you.

This page can be access using the License and subscription page in the Account Management window also.

Change A License

To request for a license changes, visit our Contact Us Page and mention the details about the change request.

Now that ContourTrace is installed on your system, read on our next section on Getting Started with ContourTrace.


We kindly request users to fill in the details in the Contact Details page in the Account Management window and check the newsletters checkbox, to stay in touch with our newest updates.